August 2, 2017

Time Flies

Day changes, and the clock is still spinning. I don't know when we'll end this.
All I know is, the more days pass, the pain gets bigger when I have to go through it alone, without you.
Maybe I'm still far from hope.
But, do you know that I keep trying to be what you want?
I just can't explain how broken I am when I remembered all that was spoken yesterday.
Are you really tired of all this?
Do we really have to end it?
Then, what about the good prayers we have so far?
What about the hope of staying together?
Our arguments may be needed so that we learn from each other to dampen each other's ego or we can better appreciate the meaning of loss.
But behind it all, of course I still hope that we'll be fine.
That everything that happened today is just a dream and I'll be awake then see you hug me tight.

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