April 18, 2016


You walk into the room so perfect but unaware
Making me stop and stare
Every time I heard she broke your heart
Can I just fix you girl?
Show you a different world?
I'll take you anywhere, I'll put you on a throne
I'll lay down my heart, I swear
And I'll make sure that you'll never be alone
Only my shadow knows how I feel about you
Only my shadow goes where I dream of you and me
Should I go or wait?
Is it too soon, too late?
Only my shadow knows
I've been loving you so long and now that I got the chance, I see you need to dance on your own
So I'll wait another day, maybe another year I'm gonna be right here
I wish I could say all these words
All these things that your heart never heard, but I saw the pain in your eyes and it sealed my lips

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