December 6, 2013

Makalah Bahasa Inggris "Drug"

Paper “Drug”
Arrange by:
Arief Hidayat
Arifa Hanim
Emmi Aulia Hasibuan
Muhammad Adrian
Nanda Mutia Sari
Rizky Aprilliandy
Silva Dwi Kurniati

Kelas XI IPA 4
SMA Negeri 7 Medan
Tahun Ajaran 2012/2013

Chapter I
1.1. Background
                Along with the times, especially with the development of globalization, not only a positive impact on our lives, but also will give a negative impact, one example is the increasing among drug users. As we know that the drug is a substance that can threaten our lives anyway even the people around us. Various kinds of things could be the reason for a person to use drugs ranging from curiosity that usually arises in the teenage years, the rebound in the face of problems, look for things that are considered extreme in order to relieve pain.
            However, the drugs aren’t always have a negative impact for us, there are also some benefits from using drugs in accordance with the rules of origin. Prevention and control of the drug users had been widely disseminated in various places with various people, therefore we strongly hope that this paper can add to our collective knowledge to understand what and how the drugs.

1.2. Formulation of The Problem
a)      What is a drugs?
b)     What are the reasons people using drugs?
c)      What is the impact of using drugs?
d)     How  to handle against drug users?
e)      How is the prevention of using drugs?

1.3. Purposes
a)      To find out what and how exactly the drug.
b)     To determine the causes of people taking drugs.
c)      To understand the impact of drug use.
d)     To know how to handle against drug users.
e)       To find out the ways in which the prevention of drug use.

Chapter II
Object of Discussion
2.1. Understanding of Drugs
                Drugs is the abbreviation of narcotics and dangerous drugs. In addition to "drugs", another term that was introduced in particular by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia is a drug which is an abbreviation of narcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances.
            All these terms, both "drugs" or "drug" refers to a group of compounds generally have a risk of addiction for its users. According to health experts, the actual drugs are psychotropic substances commonly used to anesthetize the patient when to surgery or drugs for certain diseases. But now the perception were misinterpreted due to outdoor use designation and proper dosage. If it's too long and it is drug addiction then gradually organs in the body are damaged and if it exceeds the user's dose will ultimately result in overdose and death.
            Narcotics are substances or drugs derived from plants or no plants, either synthetic or semi-synthetic that can cause degradation or alteration of consciousness, loss of pain and can lead to dependence (Law. 35th in 2009). Narcotics are classified into two groups as described in Annex 1 of the law. Its the kind of narcotics are:
·         Papaver plants, raw opium, opium cooking (opium, opium dust, Jicingko), opium drug, morfina, cocaine, ekgonina, cannabis plants and cannabis resin.
·         Salts and derivatives of morfina and cocaine, as well as mixtures and preparations containing the above ingredients.
            Until now, the spread of drug abuse is almost unavoidable. Given almost the entire population of the world could easily get drugs from the individuals who are not responsible. Of course this could make parents, community organizations, and governments concerned. Any drug eradication efforts are often made, but still less likely to avoid drugs than among adolescents and adults, and even children of primary and junior high school too much to fall into drug abuse, therefore the most effective efforts to prevent drug abuse in education of children is a family. Based on the effects on the wearer, drugs are grouped as follows:
·         Hallucinogens, the effects of the drug can cause a person to hallucinate to see something that does not exist or is not so apparent when taken in certain doses. For example, cocaine and LSD.
·         Stimulants, namely the effect of the drug could lead to job organs like the heart and brain more quickly than usual, resulting in more powerful and users tend to make more happy and excited for a while.
·         Depressants, the effects of drugs that can suppress the central nervous system and reduces the body's functional activity, so that users feel at ease even asleep and unconscious. For example heroin.
·         Addictive, namely the effects of addictive drugs. Someone who has been taking drugs usually will want and want again because of certain substances in the drug resulted in a person tends to be passive, because the drug indirectly decide the nerves in the brain. For example, marijuana, heroin, and heroin.
2.2. The Reasons People of Using Drugs
1) Want to Look Style
            Certain types of prohibited substances can make user become more daring, cool, confident, creative, relaxed, and so forth. Cool effect seen by other people can be a trend in certain circles so that people who use illicit substances will be called trendy, sociable, fashionable, and so on. Obviously for people who want to be called hanging by a class / group, he had to wear the devil substance.
2) Solidarity Group
            A group of people who have a high level of kinship between members usually have a high value of solidarity. If the chairman or some members of the group affect the group using the drug, it is usually the other members either forced or not forced to use drugs that will come to feel like family kinship.
3) Eliminate Pain
            A person who has a disease or disorder that can cause unbearable pain that can make people so interested in a shortcut to treat the pain by using drugs and controlled substances.
4) Try (Curiosity)
            With the feel interested in seeing the effects of a banned substance, one can have a strong curiosity to taste the pleasure of the forbidden substance. If faith is not strong and defeated by lust, then one can try to determine the effects of the substance. Without realizing it, and want people who have been exposed to illicit substances will be hooked and will do it again over and over again without being able to stop.
5) Come-Followup
            People who have become victims of drugs may be trying to persuade others that have not been contaminated drugs that other people join together to feel the pain she felt. Dealers and users will probably divide the free drug as an introduction and will charge after the victim was hooked. People who see others absorbed prohibited substance use may be will try to follow the style of the user included abusing public places.
6) As Impingement Problems For Forgetting
            People who have many problems and wanted to run away from problems can fall into the lap of narcotics, drugs or addictive substances in order to sleep soundly, drunk, or so excited.
7) Highlighting Side Rebellion
            Someone who is naughty, mischievous or malicious generally want to be seen by others as a figure to be feared that all desires can be fulfilled. With prohibited substances will help shape the attitudes and behaviors that are not public, rebellious of the existing order. Users who want to be great by his comrades were able to fall on the prohibited substances.
8) Eliminate Bored
            Boredom, discomfort, etc. for those in part is something fun and want to immediately disappear from the realm of the mind. Substance can help someone who is much mind to forget the boredom that hit. One can pursue pleasure with the used drug that causes hallucinations / delusions are fun.
9) Looking Challenge (Event Risk)
            For people who are happy with the activities that have a high risk in running the action was taking drugs in order to become the greatest, full of energy and confidence.
10) Feeling Adults
            Substance users are young adults sometimes like to be considered by others to be able to live freely, so do illicit substance misuse. By becoming mature as if people were able to act without restraint themselves, feels ripe, free of parents, teachers free, and others.
2.3. The Impact of Using Drugs
            2.3.1. Negative Impact of Using Drugs
·         The negative impact for yourself:
a) The impact of drug abuse on physical
1.      Disorders of the nervous system (neurological) such as seizures, hallucinations, disturbances of consciousness, neurological damage edge.
2.      Disorders of the heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) such as: acute infection of the heart muscle, circulatory disorders.
3.      Skin disorders (dermatologist) as: abscess, allergies, eczema.
4.      Disorders of the lung (pulmonary) such as: suppression of respiratory function, breathing difficulties, hardening of the lung tissue.
5.      Frequent headaches, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea-diarrhea, increased body temperature, heart and sleeplessness diminution.
6.      The impact of drug abuse on reproductive health is padaendokrin disorders, such as: decreased function of reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), and sexual dysfunction.
7.      The impact of drug abuse on adolescent reproductive health in women include changes in menstrual periods, menstrual irregularities, and amenorhoe (not menstruating).
8.      For drug users through syringe, in particular the use of needles in turn, is the risk of contracting diseases such as hepatitis B, C, and HIV, which until now there is no cure.
9.      Drug abuse can be fatal when it occurs over dose of drug consumption exceeds the body's ability to receive it. Overdose can cause death.

b) The impact of drug abuse on psychological
1.      Slow work, sloppy work, often tense and restless
2.      Loss of self-confidence, apathy, dreamer, full of suspicion
3.      Agitative, became violent and brutal behavior
4.      Difficulty concentrating, feeling dejected and depressed
5.      Tend to hurt themselves, insecurity, and even suicide

c) The impact of drug abuse on the social environment
1.      Mental disorders, anti-social and immoral, ostracized by the neighborhood
2.      Nuisance and a burden on the family
3.      Education was disrupted, bleak future

·         The negative impact on the family:
a) Parents are being embarrassed, sad, guilty, angry and even sometimes to despair.
b) The hospitality uncontrolled change because of frequent quarrels, mutual blame, anger, resentment, etc.
c) Money and property sold, and the child's future is unclear because of dropping out of school and unemployed.
·         Negative impacts on the surrounding community:
a) Environment are vulnerable to abuse and illicit drugs.
b) Crime and violence increased.
c) Regional resistance decreases.

            2.3.2. Positive Impact of Using Drugs
a.      Opium, used for centuries as a pain reliever and to prevent coughs and diarrhea.
b.      Cocaine, coca leaves Erythroxylon plant is typically chewed for a stimulant effect, such as to increase endurance and stamina and reduce fatigue.
c.       Marijuana, rang the previous use of cannabis plant material for the bag because it produces very strong fiber, hemp seeds are also used as raw material for oil, other than it was in Aceh, marijuana served as a vegetable food.
d.     Amphetamines, currently widely used by the medical community to treat stroke victims to recover more quickly.
2.4. How to Handle Againts Drugs Users
                Countermeasures against the drug users can be either internal or external. The steps internally to overcome substance abuse, among others:
1.      Changing trends of life. With the changing trends in your daily routine, you can find new things to adjust.
2.      For the more cautious, you try to be selective in choosing friends, If you have friends who do not abuse drugs, then spend time with them, do as they do. By joining them you are building common ground by itself can change who you are. Opportunity does not appear to take drugs if you are with them.
3.      Out of a bad neighborhood. By starting a new chapter in your social life, it can really help restore your addiction.
4.      Change your appearance. Appearance is everything, people see our personality by looking beyond our physical appearance, just a haircut or dress a little more formal you can change how others see you which in turn will help you see yourself in a new way, as a cleaner.
5.      Get constant reminders from friends and family. Note the difference in yourself, ask someone else if they see a change in you and what they think you are.
6.      Instill confidence in myself to not use drugs. By changing all the small things, you can defend yourself and can help you eliminate the habit of taking drugs.
            Meanwhile, the response to the drug users can also be done externally, including in the following ways.
1.      Try to create an atmosphere of harmony in families, especially multiply support for a drug addict who was in a period of rehabilitation.
2.      Perform control and supervision by the various parties.
3.      Perform medical treatment or commonly referred to as detoxification, the treatment through psychotherapy in order to strengthen the personality, confidence, self-esteem and knowing the meaning of life that is meaningful to the patient.
4.      Treating drug addicts in rehabilitation places, but that is more important is how the victim can survive the recovery, no recurrence after treatment and rehabilitation of these homes. It is in need of parental and community participation to provide a boost, a chance to hang out, a new spirit and new expectations given to him.
2.5. Prevention of Using Drugs
1.      Do not even try, although for convenience or for any other reason, unless the doctor / medical reasons.
2.      Strengthen faith, personal solidified, use a ratio of (thinking, judgment) more than on emotions.
3.      Do not shy away from the problem, but the face and resolve the issue through to the end, if they are not able to consult the experts.
4.      Choose a safe society not dangerous.
5.      Choose activities that are healthy, do not harm yourself or others, follow sports clubs, social organizations. Do a hobby with friends and family.
6.      Always try to be a good person, act positive, responsible, be an exemplary figure.
7.      Try to "hear each other," remind one another and forgiving one another to be more mature private individual.
8.      Make family a harmonious atmosphere, which could be the most fun and most soothing making "at home" living together.
9.      Always remind, that the threat of punishment for drug abuse is even harder for drug dealers Penitentiary.
10.  Always remind others that the drug will only bring bad influence to the body if misused, can even lead to death.

Chapter III
3.1. Conclusion
·         Circulation of drugs is a result of the times that are considered bad for human life, because the abuse of these substances can be harmful to anyone.
·         Many of the factors that lead to people abusing drugs, both internally and external factor.
·         Drug use certainly provide different impacts to human life, either positive or negative.
·         Various methods have been developed by various parties to address drug problems, both the circulation and its users.
·         Not just poverty, but preventive measures against drug also has a lot to do various parties in order to reduce the level of drug abuse.
3.2. Proposition
            Along with the progress of human civilization, the drug is not hard to come by at the present time. Its use can be beneficial if used as directed, however if these types of drugs abused would have an adverse impact many. Therefore, the role of the various parties, both formal and informal, ranging from family members, friends, schools, until the community is expected to avoid this problem of drug abuse. Strengthen your faith with close to God Almighty, clear thinking to try things that would prejudice the future, and fill free time with useful activities is a step for us to stay away from drug abuse.

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